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With two decades of experience and a reputation for excellence, we deliver great design combined with meticulous and timely installations.

Sky’s the Limit when it comes to the creativity of our urban landscape designs. And fast….we are instant gratification specialists!


The challenge of any urban garden is in keeping it URBAN.  It shouldn’t look like a garden in the Hamptons.

Why can’t a green roof be livable?  Why should we give up precious living space for plants…let’s SHARE!



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Garden by Rebecca Cole at The James Hotel in New York

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Secret Garden in Williamsburg

This is what I call a Living green roof. It is a roof with green grids, tree, water features AND plenty of furniture so you can LIVE WELL in the green.

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Office Garden in the Google Building

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Grasses and Birches in Hell's Kitchen

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Garden with a city View!


Garden by Rebecca Cole at The James Hotel in New York

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Fall atop Hell's Kitchen

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Tile table and Arper Lounge

furniture green roofs rooftops

Garden by Rebecca Cole at The James Hotel in New York

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James Hotel Urban Park

Willow, Red Maples and sweet potato vine makes this urban park outside at the James Hotel in Soho a rare city gem.

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Hiding Vents with Plants

This secret garden is can be seen only by the neighboring higher buildings. They wanted the roof vents to be'ld we do?


Bamboo an Rudbeckia

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Winter interest in containers

Keeping containers garden looking good in the winter takes a little addition of cut pine branches, cyclamen, Tallo berries, and hardy heuchura

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Loft like Rooftop Garden

Loft living outdoors!


Small Terrace In Midtown


A Bed on the Roof

When you sleep on a rooftop in Brooklyn you feel even closer to the stars.

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Green on Green Garden

Miscanthus grass, Bamboo, clump birch and ajuga makes a striking green garden in the sky.


Gardening around a skylight

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William Wegman's Rooftop Garden

I designed William Wegman's rooftop garden as much for the dogs as the family. The containers were made of copper so when the dogs peed on them they turned that beautiful patina blue...and looked even better!

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West Side High Way


stripes blue chairs

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Planted Furniture

I like to design the furniture as much as the plant scheme.

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painted floor at the roof bar at Sixty Soho

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Rudbeckia in the Aisle


Green Roof "Rugs"

A green roof need not be one that can't be walked on. On this green roof I created blocks go sedum grids that can be walked on and walked around.

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Arper Chair in Bright Green

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