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Green Rooftop Garden

furniture rooftops

stripes blue chairs

furniture gardens rooftops

Corten and Ipe Bench

furniture gardens rooftops

Beautiful large Succulent

floral interiors

Shady Backyard in the West Village

backyards furniture gardens

Health Magazine Healthy Living Makeover

I designed this studio apartment for a lucky winner of Health Magazine's healthy living makeover.


citron indoor garden room for Health magazine

citron indoor garden room designed for Health Magazine.


Wood and Stone Modern Table

furniture hotels

Lit headboard

Who needs a night light if you have a headboard with a great back light. I made this for a Surprise by Design Episode first. I liked it so much I kept making them.

furniture interiors

Our beautiful loft office


Winter White Anemone for Imagine Tile

I designed this white anemone ceramic tile for Imagine Tile.


Pebble Table

furniture interiors

Green Table

Green grids and Milkweed pod ceramic tiles takes fresh to the table a whole meaning.

furniture garden shows green roofs

RebeccaCole-SFGardenShow-Best in Show

furniture garden shows green roofs


furniture gardens rooftops

Pink Anemone Imagine Tile

I designed this Pink Anemone ceramic tile for Imagine Tile.


Green roof, green furniture, green walls!!!

No reason to limit the green to the roof surface only when doing a green roof...why not the table, the walls, the art along with the floor!

furniture garden shows



Lavender Topiary

arrangements hotel interiors

Secret Garden and Private Oasis in the Sky


Ombre walls

Health Magazine living room makeover winner.


NYC Rooftop Glows

furniture gardens rooftops

Cement Sofa Designed by Rebecca Cole

furniture gardens rooftops


interiors media

Lavender and Hydrangea on a Rooftop in Tribeca

furniture gardens hotel rooftops

Log and Succulent table- at Northwest Flower Show

furniture garden shows