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NYC Rooftop Glows

furniture gardens rooftops

Lavender and Hydrangea on a Rooftop in Tribeca

furniture gardens hotel rooftops



Garden by Rebecca Cole at The James Hotel in New York

furniture gardens green roofs hotel restaraunts rooftops

Table with Built in Planter

Why not design a table the REQUIRES a plant or centerpiece AlWAYS!

furniture interiors

Pink Anemone Imagine Tile

I designed this Pink Anemone ceramic tile for Imagine Tile.


Tiles for a green roof

I love the rust of old vintage furniture, the drama of miscanthus grass, the yellow green of the yellow groove bamboo,the new green of budding birch trees and African milkweed on a ceramic tile.


Kitchen Makeover

The column was not movable so we highlighted it with a great fuchsia, wrapped it with a 'Earth' countertop from Corian, but my favorite part of this design was the range hood we made into a shelves!


Fall in Hell's Kitchen

furniture gardens rooftops

Beautiful large Succulent

floral interiors

French Anemone TIle

I designed these tiles to add some real punch to any room


we design custom furnishings for a small terrace

furniture gardens rooftops

stripes blue chairs

furniture gardens rooftops

Green roof, green furniture, green walls!!!

No reason to limit the green to the roof surface only when doing a green roof...why not the table, the walls, the art along with the floor!

furniture garden shows

Shady Backyard in the West Village

backyards furniture gardens

Milkweed Pod Tiles

I designed these milkweed pods ceramic tiles for Imagine Tile.


West Village Make Over


Cast Stone Stump Paver

backyards interiors

Lit headboard

Who needs a night light if you have a headboard with a great back light. I made this for a Surprise by Design Episode first. I liked it so much I kept making them.

furniture interiors


Health Magazine living room makeover winner.

interiors media

Loft Living on a Chelsea Roof

furniture gardens

Table Design


Wood and Cement custom table

backyards furniture garden shows interiors restaraunts

Winter White Anemone for Imagine Tile

I designed this white anemone ceramic tile for Imagine Tile.


Shaggy Chic Chair

This vintage chair gets a modern update by upholstering in shag. It really made the old new again....besides adding a sense of humor to the room.

furniture interiors

The leaf chair!

furniture rooftops

Creating Shade on a Roof

furniture gardens rooftops

Winter White for Imagine Tile

I designed this tile line for Imagine Tile with the beauty of winter in mind...with a splash of spring anemone thrown in.