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Bright Green in the Garden

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Custom Zinc and Teak Table

When I design a garden I like to designe every aspect..the lights, the furniture, the cushions, the well a s the plants. This garden has zinc and wood containers square and rectangular containers so I designed an oval zinc and teak table to compliment them. The cushions were made simple color blocks of plain outdoor fabric.


A well-lit table

We made the plexiglass end table with feathers in the top and lights inside.

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Orange Tulip for Imagine Tile

This beautiful orange tulip is a tile I created for Imagine Tile. It comes with stripes and other graphics that match.


Zinc Teak Table

This custom made zinc and teak table is ideal for rooftop garden surrounded by metal and glass skyscrapers.

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An organic urban one day make over!

I designed this log furniture to give the an organic feel to the modern urban back yard makeover in the heart of Harlem. Cement covering of on the picnic table top does the same.

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Rambo on a Cement Sofa


Garden by Rebecca Cole at The James Hotel in New York

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Planted Cement Sofa and Green Grid Rug

Planted Cement Sofa and Green Grid Rug utilizes every inch of rooftop space for planting and living.

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Shady Village haven

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Fall in Hell's Kitchen

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Log benches and cement picnic tables

This Surprise by Design makeover took one day only to transform this abandon lot in NYC into a smashing garden with ample seating.

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Cement sofa

I hate wasting even inch on a rooftop I designed this furniture so you could grow things in it.


The leaf chair!

furniture rooftops

painted floor at Sixty Soho Rooftop bar

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Tile table and Arper Lounge

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A Long Day for A Garden Dog

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Rooftop dining Al Fresco


Loft Living on a Chelsea Roof

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Loft Living Outside

Every inch of this garden was designed with function as well as beauty in mind. The banquette hides the irrigation, the bed stores the cushions in winter.

furniture gardens rooftops

Custom furniture makes a tiny terrace livable

furniture rooftops

Rooftop Garden Living in West Village

furniture gardens rooftops

Dining el Fresco in Williamsburg

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Urban Oasis in Hell's Kitchen

The cement pavers and cement sofa make and ideal oasis high above the bustle of Hell's Kitchen on a roof in New York City.

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Rooftop Dining

Zinc and mahogany table and containers, benches that store irrigation and glassware, a bed that stores cushion, and plants that match fabrics...a custom design that melds of function and beauty.

furniture rooftops

Log and Succulent table- at Northwest Flower Show

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